Emotional support that nourishes young minds.

Emotional support that nourishes young minds.

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AddressHealth is India’s leading school health service provider. Founded in 2010, to make the pediatric care connuum possible, by two doctor entrepreneurs Dr Anand Lakshman and Dr Anoop Radhakrishnan, AddressHealth provides school medical room/ infirmary services, a
comprehensive health educaon curriculum, annual health checks and school mental wellbeing programs. Dr Anand Lakshman, worked on internaonal public health & nutrion issues with the WHO and Nutrion Internaonal before starng AddressHealth

Founders’ bytes
“It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men” (Borrowed from Fredrick Douglass, Abolitionist) “Schools should look at good health & healthy habits of their children as an investment. Aer all they will reap the rewards of their educational success, when they are healthy in the adulthood”

How does the product/ service benefit the K-12 segment
• Schools:
• Mandated actions such as School medical rooms, annual health checks run professionally by a healthcare enterprise whose core competence is school health
• Known as an healthy school because of focus on health educaon & mental wellbeing
• Lower costs and beer care means school can also benefit financially.

• Children:
• Identify ‘silent’ medical conditions ( vision defects, small hole in the heart, obesity) early and promote corrective action
• Let them remain in school for learning, as long as possible, due to professional care.
• Learn healthy habits and behaviours, negate unhealthy ones.

• Parents:
• Can be assured someone professional is there to take care of health in school while they are at work
• Healthy habits as #Healthy ChildrenHappy Children foundation for good health is being laid in school

For a nation to become developed, investment in health & education are considered to be paramount. We wanted to work on the intersection of health and education, to make the future healthier for our country. Most Indian parents want to send their children to private schools. The
government school screening program (Rashtriya Bal Suraksha Karyakram- RBSK) doesn’t cover private get more info schools. We wanted to fill this gap.

Our Name AddressHealth captures our ‘raison de etre’ very well. click here We want to create new addresses for health, beyond the tradional hospitals’ passive approach by taking health #productservice benefit the K-12 segment to schools. We also want children to learn to proacvely address their health. Our programs are designed
by public health experts and pediatricians. AddressHealth’s Health services offer Maximum engagement with minimal intrusion into academic time.

Target audience
CBSE, ICSE and IB/IGCSE schools who want to ensure good health for its students. We have offices in Bangalore, Pune and Delhi and we work with schools across the country.

“We have get more info AddressHealth’s health education curriculum across all our schools. They conduct annual health checks very efficiently for 30000 children on our campuses ” – Dr Masood Ali Khan, Member, Board of Management, DPS E city, Bengaluru

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